Connected Load Carrier
Connected Load Carrier

Altrad Benelux chooses CLC asset location tracking

2 september 2021

Altrad is a global leader in the provision of industrial services and recognised leader in the manufacturing of equipment dedicated to the Construction and Building market. The Altrad Benelux division provides, amongst others, the rental of scaffolding materials.
CLC has been chosen to provide an IoT solution for location tracking on scaffolding containers. The initial phase is a pilot which comprehends of 25 trackers to support Altrad Benelux in optimizing their inventory management. The pilot will take 6 months, after which Altrad will make a decision regarding further implementation.
Managing Director Wessel Fransen of Altrad: “Altrad Benelux has chosen for this IoT pilot to find out if we can create more value for our customers and Altrad itself. We like to optimise our logistic flow and whereabouts of material rented. Looking forward to find out how IoT will bring us new innovations and logistic flows.”


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2 maart 2022
We launched the first 100 pieces in the pilot project at IPP Pooling

We have implemented smart IoT trackers in 100 regular E812 wooden pallets as part of the pilot project ‘Connected Pallet’ at IPP Pooling. This phase is a pilot of 6 months in the Benelux, which ultimately involves 1000 IoT trackers in total to support IPP Pooling in detailed location tracking of its pallets and to […]

4 november 2021
Webinar IPP Pooling

We participated in a webinar of IPP Pooling about IoT and connecting load carriers. The fast-growing digitalization of supply chains offers many opportunities for efficiency, sustainability and business. Using IoT to create intelligent load carriers can provide both improved insights together with the opportunity to further optimize supply chains. IPP supports countless supply chains across […]

26 augustus 2021
CLC provides tracking solution for Rd4

Rd4 provides the collection and processing of waste flows for 10 municipalities in the South of the Netherlands and has chosen ...

7 juli 2021
CLC welcomes first customer IPP

Connected Load Carrier welcomes its first customer, European pallet pooler IPP! We will deliver the first batch of connected pallet types E812 en A1210 which will support IPP in detailed location tracking of its pallets and minimize losses.

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