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About the Travelling Asset Network

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Empowering Your Supply Chain with our Intelligent Asset Management Solution

As a standout innovation from Connected Load Carrier, The Travelling Asset Network redefines asset management in the rapidly evolving Internet of Things (IoT) market. This cutting-edge solution integrates a variety of sensors, IoT connectivity, and advanced data processing capabilities, offering a robust digital asset management system that enhances tracking and monitoring of assets across supply chains. Embrace the next level of asset management with The Travelling Asset Network and unlock the potential of IoT to optimise your operations.

Elevate Your Asset Management

Our solution

The Travelling Asset Network, a solution by Connected Load Carrier, is at the forefront of IoT technology, redefining how non-powered asset management is being approached across different industries. Our solution is built on a robust foundation of network effects to enhance user experience, where each new connection exponentially increases the value and utility of the network for all users. We are building a digital supply chain on top of your already existing physical supply chain for enhancing its capability. 

Utilising state-of-the-art sensors and advanced IoT connectivity, The Travelling Asset Network offers unparalleled real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities. Each asset is equipped with sensors that provide data streams, gaining the possibility of being analysed through our own developed dashboard / asset management overview system. This allows for immediate identification of asset status, location, and optimal routing paths, reducing downtime and improving asset utilisation. 

By adopting The Travelling Asset Network, your business will benefit from a network that is constantly evolving. Each device’s data contributes to a collective intelligence that makes the network smarter, faster, and more responsive. This collaborative enhancement is key to driving substantial improvements in non-powered asset tracking, supply chain visibility, and overall operational efficiency. Additionally, The Travelling Asset Network proudly incorporates the capabilities of the 10G-Network®, meaning all our IoT-devices are also 10G-ready. As a robust data broker, the 10G-Network® facilitates secure and equitable data exchanges. Learn more about the 10G-Network® to discover how it supports our mission to revolutionise supply chain operations.

 The technology behind The Travelling Asset Network is designed not just to meet the current needs of modern supply chains but to anticipate future challenges, ensuring that your business remains at the cutting edge of industry developments. Our digital solution is built atop your existing physical supply chain, enhancing traditional processes with cutting-edge technology.

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Benefits and Capabilities

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Gain critical insights into your supply chain movements, significantly reducing risks associated with asset loss and optimising non powered asset tracking.

Sustainability and Responsibility

Promote corporate sustainability by engaging in our circular asset management initiative, allowing for the return and recycling of devices at their lifecycle’s end. Our EcoCycle Trade-In program not only reduces e-waste but also aligns with global sustainability goals, enhancing environmental responsibility and promoting a sustainable future.

Operational Efficiency

Utilise data to streamline operations, minimising excess stock, and lower inventory costs, enhancing both cash flow and operational efficiency.

Advanced Data Analysis

Employ our analytical tools to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies within the supply chain, enabling proactive optimisation of asset flows.

Award-Winning Innovation

Proudly presented by Connected Load Carrier, The Travelling Asset Network, has earned the “2024 IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award”. This accolade highlights our dedication to delivering state-of-the-art solutions that significantly enhance digital and supply chain asset management across industries. Our relentless innovation sets new standards in the IoT sector for industrial and supply chain applications.

“It is my pleasure to recognise The Travelling Asset Network, an innovative solution that earned Connected Load Carrier the 2024 Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “I marvel how Connected Load Carrier is driving efficiency and productivity gains for their customers. With our partners at Crossfire Media, we all look forward to seeing how their current and future offering will continue to shape the IoT landscape.” 

Providing your digital supply chain

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