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CO2 Footprint Improvement

Minimize your environmental impact with our CO2 Footprint Improvement. Track and analyze emmisions data to make informed sustainability decisions.

Asset Use Optimization

Maximize the utility of your assets with our Asset Use Optimization. Monitor usage patterns and allocate resources more effictively.

ETA of an Asset

Never miss a deadline with our ETA feature. Get real-time updates on the estimated time of arrival for each of your assets, enabling better planning and customer satisfaction.

Inventory Management

Optimize your stock levels and reduce holding costs with our advanced Inventory Management possibilities. Make data-driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency.

Loss Reduction

Minimize asset loss and theft thanks to the Loss Reduction feature. Real-time tracking and alerts ensure you are always in control of your assets.

Enhanced Turn-Over Speed

Speed up your asset turnover rate with our Enhanced Turn-Over Speed feature. Improve cash flow and profitability by optimizing asset utilization.


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Discover the transofrmative power of Connected Load Carrier’s asset tracking solutions. Designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries, our features offer unparalleled control, visibility, and efficiency.

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At Connected Load Carrier, we are not just offering a service; we are pioneering a movement towards smarter, more sustainable, and efficient asset management. Our state-of-the-art features are tailored to meet the unique demands of various industries, ensuring that you are always a step ahead.

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