Cookie Policy

Connected Load Carrier’s Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies

This Cookie Policy outlines the use of cookies and similar technologies on the Connected Load Carrier (CLC) website, app, and digital platforms, in accordance with your preferences set on our cookie consent manager. It is intended to inform users about the types of cookies we employ, their purpose, and the choices available regarding their use.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that store bits of information on your computer or mobile device when you access a website. These cookies enable the website to remember your device. Cookies that are directly managed by Connected Load Carrier are known as “first-party cookies”. In contrast, “third-party cookies” refer to cookies that are set and handled by external parties, as outlined further below.

Why does CLC use cookies and other similar technologies?

Cookies perform a variety of functions, such as facilitating smooth navigation between pages, memorising your preferences, and enhancing the overall user experience. They also play a role in making the ads you encounter online more suited to your interests. Furthermore, cookies are used for analysing how our websites, app, digital content are utilised (known as analytics cookies) and for supporting or tracking interactions with different platforms.

Does CLC use any cookies from third party companies?

We employ a variety of third-party cookies, web beacons and other tracking and storage technologies from companies like Facebook, Microsoft, YouTube, Google Analytics, Instagram, Hotjar, LinkedIn and HubSpot. These technologies are used to gather web analytics and insights about our websites, app, and digital platforms, which can also be used to deliver targeted advertisements. These third-party companies use code to capture details about your interactions on our sites, including the pages you visit, the links you click, and the duration of your stay. This code is operational only during your visit to a Connected Load Carrier website. For more details on how these entities gather and utilise data on our behalf, please consult their respective privacy policies.

    Does CLC use any tracking technologies similar to cookies?

    We might also utilise web beacons (including conversion pixels) or similar technologies for purposes akin to these mentioned previously. These can be embedded on our websites, within marketing emails or our newsletters, and on affiliated sites to track if messages have been opened and links have been followed.

    Unlike cookies, web beacons do not store information on your device, but they may operate in tandem with cookies to monitor site activities. The details shared about cookies are equally relevant to web beacons and comparable technologies. Conversion pixels are tiny code snippets placed on specific web pages, activated when someone visits the page, resulting in an increase in the conversion count.

    What if I do not want cookies or similar tracking technologies?

    If you prefer not to use cookies or similar tracking technologies, you have the option to modify your preferences via our cookie consent manager. Should you wish to delete cookies that are already on your device, you can accomplish this through your browser’s settings. Additionally, to prevent new cookies from being installed on your device, you can adjust your preferences using our cookie consent manager.

    Types of Cookies Used by CLC

    The cookies utilised on Connected Load Carrier’s website are organised according to the categories listed in the table below. However, it is crucial to understand that not all types of cookies are employed across all websites. Below is a list of the categories that are implemented on this website.

    Category Description

    Strictly Necessary cookies

    These strictly necessary cookies are necessary for navigating the site and utilising its functions. Without these cookies, the services you have requested cannot be delivered.

    First party analytics cookies

    These cookies enable us to use data analytics to assess and enhance our website’s performance, ensuring the content we provide is more relevant to you. They do not gather information that can personally identify a visitor at an individual level to us. Except in certain instances where we employ a service provide to act on our behalf, these cookies do not share personally identifiable information with any external third parties, with the understanding that these service providers cannot use the data for the own ends.

    Performance cookies

    Performance cookies, typically sourced from third-party vendors we collaborate with or who operate on our behalf, gather data about your interactions with the Connected Load Carrier website. For example, they track which pages you visit the most often and whether you encounter any errors on web pages. These cookies do not collect data that can personally identify a visitor. The information they compile is anonymous and solely utilised to enhance website functionality. Third-party vendors may access this information and use it to refine their services and offerings.

    Functionality cookies

    These cookies enable a website to recall the choices you have made, such as your username, preferred language, or the region you are in, offering more personalised and enhanced features.

    These cookies are incapable of tracking your browsing activities on other websites. They do not collect any information that could be used for advertising purposes or to track your internet history outside of our site.

    Advertising and social media cookies

    Advertising and social media cookies, including web beacons and other tracking and storage technologies, serve several key functions:

    1. They tailor advertising to be more aligned with your interests;
    2. They restrict how many times an ad is shown to you;
    3. They aid in assessing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;
    4. They enable retargeting strategies to bring visitors back to Connected Load Carrier websites or to highlight relevant information;
    5. Theyhelpinunderstandinguserbehaviour following ad exposure.

    They are usually placed on behalf of advertising networks with the site operator’s permission. They track that you have visited a website and are often linked to the functionality of the site provided by another organisation. This can influence the content and message you encounter on other websites you browse.

    Consent and Control

    Upon your first visit to our website, you will be prompted to accept or decline the use of non-essential cookies. Essential cookies do not require consent and cannot be disabled. For non-essential cookies, you have the right to:

    • Accept all cookies.
    • Decline all non-essential cookies.
    • Customize your cookie preferences.

    You can change your cookie preferences at any time by accessing the cookie consent manager on our website.

    Data Sharing

    Information collected by cookies may be shared with third parties only in accordance with our Privacy Policy and as required for the provision of services or legal compliance.

    International Data Transfer

    Cookies may result in the transfer of data across international borders. Such transfers adhere to applicable data protection laws, and we ensure appropriate safeguards for your data.

    Changes to The Policy

    CLC reserves the right to modify this cookie policy statement. Any changes will be communicated on our website via:  and will include the date of the latest revision.

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions regarding our use of cookies, please contact CLC., Attn: Data Protection Officer, at the address provided in our Privacy Policy, or via email at, subject line: Cookie Policy.