We have implemented smart IoT trackers in 100 regular E812 wooden pallets as part of the pilot project ‘Connected Pallet’ at IPP Pooling. This phase is a pilot of 6 months in the Benelux, which ultimately involves 1000 IoT trackers in total to support IPP Pooling in detailed location tracking of its pallets and to minimize losses.

The Connected pallet provides location and acceleration data to track the whereabouts and integrity of the goods throughout their supply chain journey. The benefits of this solution are:

– Reduce “lost” pallets and/or goods
– Less dependent on dispatch info of IPP-customers
– Enhance turn-over speed of the pallets
– Connect load to load-carrier by using the unique Pallet Identifier

Want to know more about the Connected pallet or the pilot project at IPP? Please contact our commercial manager Erik van Geloven at erik.van.geloven@connected-load-carrier.com or our contact form