Connected Load Carrier
Connected Load Carrier

Connected pallet

''Track your pallets through 
the supply chain''
The Connected Pallet from CLC, unlocks new business potential. Gaining (more) supply-chain visibility is one of the many benefits that can be achieved. This can be translated into multiple specific benefits for your business from insurance to automatic dispatch information of the assets.
Accurate positioning
Insight how your pallets move between locations. With this information, a supply chain can easily be optimized.
Enhanced traceability 
Detailed information about your pallets. Know where the pallet is located and for what duration.
Black & white list locations
Receive a notification when an exact number of pallets is on a specific location. Which gives you more control about your pallets.
Environmental data (temperature, humidity, CO2 etc)
Environmental data (temperature, humidity, CO2 etc)
Keep abreast of the temprature, humidity, CO2 etc. during transport. This gives you more controle about the freshness of, for example, food control.
Motion-crash-detection-icon - clc - iot
Motion & crash detection
Gain insight into how your load are moved and handled. With this information, you are always informed how your, for example, products are handled.
Automatic dispatch information
Get your dispatch information with our module. This module is providing collection, diagnostics of technological data from the distributed pallets and control these facilities anytime and anywhere you want.
Integration ERP
Integrate this IoT Solution in your ERP software or SaaS software platform via our API’s.

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What is the battery life?

The battery is 5 years, based on an average of 1 report per day.

What about the service?

We support during installation and configuration. After this, we have a customer support team at your disposal for questions.

Do you also offer any integration possibilities?

Yes, we offer an API to make any integration possible.

Network Information

How is the network coverage of the module?

LTE-Cat-m1 with fallback to NB-IoT facillitates an excellent coverage.

What is the accuracy of the positioning?

Outdoor based on GPS: 3m - 10m.
Indoor & Outdoor based on Cell-locate: 25m - 150m.

Connected Load Carrier is a joint venture between ‘Dutch IoT Solutions’ and ‘Faber Group’.

We’ve combined our forces and expertise in IoT solutions and non-powered load carriers to realise our vision: “To make a sustainable contribution to the logistics eco-system by connecting the ‘physical’ and ‘digital’ worlds”
provides end-to-end IoT solutions - you can connect anything and extract any data which can be automatically uploaded and analyzed into valuable business information or predefined actions.
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is a family-owned company, offering effective circular pooling networks through specialist businesses (IPP, PAKI, PRS). These operate extensive circular economy systems using reusable handling assets across Europe, for a wide variety of sectors.
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