Connected Load Carrier
Connected Load Carrier


Get inspired what connecting load carriers can do for your business


Get inspired what connecting load carriers can do for your business
Connected Construction Container

Connected Construction Container

With the smart connected construction container module from CLC, the container management will unlocks the business potential of your containers.
Product benefits
• Real-time inventory of all assets
• Anti-tampering and theft detection
• Automatic dispatch information
• Improve turnover rate 
• Crash detection
• Link cargo to cargo carrier
• Optimize logistical flow
• Use algorithm
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Connected Pallet

Provides location and acceleration data to track the whereabouts and integrity of your goods throughout their supply chain journey.
Product benefits
• Reduce / less “lost”
• Less dependent on dispatch info customers
• Enhance turn-over speed assets
• Connect load to load-carrier (future opportunity)

Connected Display Unit

The Connected Display Unit provides insight in exact location to determine if your display is placed on the right spot for maximum campaign effectiveness, including proximity of shoppers.
Product benefits
• Relate display unit to shop location
• Determine marketing efficiency (based on algoritms)
• Shopfloor detection

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